J. Aden McNeely, Jr.

team member
J. Aden McNeely, Jr.
Senior Bookkeeper / Property Manager

Aden has been with the firm since 1978 and is known for his experience with challenging bookkeeping assignments.  He often performs bookkeeping services for a broad range of years when a client has fallen behind and cannot locate all data needed for a complete accounting of their transactions.

He methodically works through the months and years one at a time, testing for alternate ways to find the information and determines whether the books are materially complete then moves ahead.  He also reads that illegible handwriting on client check stubs!

Aden works with client QuickBooks, performs check preparation services, and performs a technical review of individual tax returns prior to submission for collation and copying.

When not at work, Aden enjoys his children and grandchildren,  as well as wood-working.