Cheryl M. Bryson, EA

team member
Cheryl M. Bryson, EA
Enrolled tax Professional

Preparing income tax returns and client accounting sounds like such a boring profession doesn’t it?  I love my job!  Why? Because I enjoy helping my clients, my friends, with their tax and accounting needs.

The ever changing tax laws present a challenge to me.  Putting the pieces together, like a puzzle, keeps me on the edge sometimes.  I get great satisfaction when the numbers are crunched and I know that I’ve done the best possible work for my clients, my friends.

Back in 1979, when I first began preparing tax returns at my dad’s accounting firm, I had plans to be a music teacher.  Then I discovered that I really enjoy being a “number cruncher.” That was before we used computers to process all this data.

Here at Renita M. Owens, CPA, LLC, I have many chances to expand my knowledge and explore more than just taxes and bookkeeping.  I have also worked extensively with computers, tax research, insurance, Medicare/Medicaid reporting, and more.

Our accounting firm was one of the first in Greenville, SC to provide computerized accounting services.  We were among the first firms to use computers to process tax returns.  We also were among the first accountants to offer electronic tax filing.

From paper and erasers to “sneaker net” (that was before we networked our computers) to “cloud” computing ~ I am proud that I have been essential in thinking outside of the box to accomplish the many transformations it has taken to help our office succeed and excel.

Other than being an accounting “nerd”, I enjoy my family, living in the country, and worship with my church family.  I especially enjoy being a musician.

Sometimes I would love for you to come listen to me play my keyboard synthesizer.  I play with three bands:  the Augusta Road United Methodist Church band on Sundays, The Royal Scotsmen Band (we play beach music), or The Catching Z’s Band (hear us worldwide on