Tax Preparation and Compliance

tax-prepHave you ever prepared you own return or picked up a return from your tax preparer and wondered, “Did I really get the benefit of all my deductions?”   “Is my return correct?”

Income tax preparation is a highly specialized field.  Tax laws change weekly and sometimes daily.  Previous rulings are changed by a Tax Court decision, or the IRS finalizes previously issued temporary regulations.   Many taxpayers have what they think is a simple return and may think their situation has not changed from year to year – but did it?  …Because of a new Ruling or Regulation?

CPA’s have unmatched knowledge, experience and education related to income tax preparation and compliance as well as other financial matters.  They have also passed the demanding CPA exam.  The Enrolled Agent in our firm also has years of experience and has passed a challenging tax exam. And all of us at Renita M. Owens, CPA, LLC are dedicated to CPA ethical standards.

We will not claim that we never make mistakes – but we offer a “Peace of Mind” Accuracy guarantee on our work.  When preparing returns for new clients we review prior year returns at no charge.  We have found some very large errors made by preparers who were not well-trained or did not double-check their work.  Some of them were hard to believe – they were so obvious!

When we find an error made by a previous preparer we advise you so you can decide whether to go back to the preparer and request that he or she prepare an amended return at no charge.  Often new clients prefer to pay us to make the corrections, which we gladly do.

Individual tax services:1040ez-tax-preparation

For the individual taxpayer, we offer complete tax preparation services for federal income tax returns and for every state in the United States that has an individual income tax.  While specialized in serving clients with income in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, we are versed in all the requirements to prepare returns for any state across the country.  We often prepare U.S. and state tax returns for persons living in other countries, such as Germany, Canada, Belgium, and Mexico – to name a few.  Is New York City in our country?  We have tax clients there too!

Our tax specialists have helped countless clients with unique circumstances; we will work hard to understand and fit our tax services to your needs.

Whether you are an investor, retiree, new homeowner, business owner, real estate investor, or are responsible for filing estate or trust income tax returns you will find that we can help you.

Business-Tax-ServicesBusiness Tax Services:

For those needing to file a business or non-profit tax return, we offer an entire catalog of options for your stress-free filing.

Any Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), C-Corporation, S-Corporation and Non-Profit Organization will find our tax professionals at Renita M. Owens, CPA, LLC able and willing to assist them during this stressful process.  Just as our team does for individuals we will work hard to understand and fit our tax preparation services to your business needs.

We will help you from start to finish, giving you tips on what items will be needed in order to file your taxes correctly.  And we will walk you through the process to ensure you do not have any questions or concerns.

tax-auditThe Dreaded Tax Audit:

Having prepared income tax returns for over 55 years, we have obviously had tax clients who were subjected to audit by the IRS or a state Department of Revenue.

As CPA’s and Enrolled Agents, we have the ability to represent and advocate for you in tax audits.  We do not just explain what we did to prepare your return or how you arrived at the amounts that are on the return, we stand up to the government and represent YOU.

Our experience is broad.  We know how to try to protect you at the beginning of the audit when the auditor is really just sniffing around to see what he or she can find to use against you.  We try to provide answers to their questions early on before they start getting ideas that “camping out” on your back steps will generate a lot of income taxes that were underpaid.

Sometimes our best representation for you comes from being the objective party who can say, “I don’t know the answer to that – I’ll need to ask the taxpayer.”  When you represent yourself in a tax audit you do not get the benefit of having extra time to check records and just think about the answer before giving it.

One client, a non-filer for a number of years, was audited and told that he owed in excess of a million dollars in delinquent income taxes, penalties and interest.  The case was in the hands of the IRS attorney in Atlanta, who was preparing to take it to Tax Court.  By the time we finished our explanations of the issues the auditor had found, the IRS actually owed the taxpayer a refund!

“Peace of Mind” Accuracy Guarantee for you and your business.  Please to not hesitate to call our office or contact us through this website to make an appointment with one of our tax experts today!    (864)233-4163