Business Advisory

Do you have a business succession plan in place with appropriate funding to pay you when you decide to retire or in case of your death?  Somehow this is one of the last things a business owner pays attention to but is really the most important.  Do you really want to work with your partner’s wife if he dies or becomes disabled?  Would your wife know what to do if something happened to prevent you from managing your business?  Are you ready to sell your business now and just do not know how to go about it?

We offer the practical information you need gained from many years of working with small to mid-sized businesses.  Call to schedule an appointment to discuss your unique situation.  Our hand-selected team of professionals includes our CPA staff, business brokers, business valuation specialists, realtors, and business planning attorneys.   Structured tax planning is a vital part of the process, and investment and insurance –related services are provided by Renita M. Owens, CPA, PFS,  Wealth Manager.

For on-going business, we offer consultations regarding business operations and profitability and can provide a complete profitability report designed for your business that provides advice regarding use of assets and labor as well as accounts receivable and inventory turn-over, and debt  analysis.

Worker’s Compensation insurance considerations, property tax management and much, much more –

If you do not know whether we can help you with a service you need, just ask.   Chances are we have done it before.  And we have an extensive network of professionals all over the country who have passed our stringent standards for expertise, who can also help.